St. Patrick Lake Longbows


St Patrick Lake Longbows Testimonials

Just got my “The First” this weekend. Let me say that I thoroughly enjoyed the build with Eric. He included me in every step and that made a huge difference in the finished product! His suggestions on wood selection were spot on. I wanted a new longbow to shoot wood arrows with and after putting a couple hundred through it, I’m not disappointed! It shoots very smooth with no hand shock at all and it’s one of those bows that like wooden arrows. It’s smooth through my 29 in draw. Erik is a straight up guy and very responsive to his customers. If you’re in the market for a new longbow, give him a call ! 

-Michael Chesser

"This bow is a sweet little shooter! She is very quiet, I did not put any silencers on her and there was hardly any noise! Excellently mannered, very little hand shock and a surprisingly smooth draw. The arrows I shot out of her were over spined by 10# but she handled them very well all the same! Overall she is a very trim little bow and at the 54" length I'd wager she'd make a great blind bow. Excellent work, Mr. Hoff!"  

-Zaccai King

"I had an opportunity to shoot the Passion Styk today.  Mine was 58" at about 53# +/-.  This thing is amazing to me.  It is a short longbow and was able to handle my Long draw at 31".  Totally amazed.  It shot with authority, very little handshock.  I was shooting 525gr 31" Beman Centershots.
It is also quite light in the hand.  Didn't feel any finger pinch.  Erik I think you certainly have a bow that you should be very proud of."
-Shawn Nielsen

"I just had the opportunity to meet Erik and shoot his "Passion Stick" bow.  Have to echo what others have said.  Nice smooth draw to my 30", no hand shock and especially for a light in mass weight bow. Over all a great shooter and the high R/D makes for a very "handy" short, straight tipped ( long) bow.  Folks who hunt in the woods will like it I think!!  Certainly a bow worthy of consideration for any that are contemplating a new bow.
Erik is a darn good shot too by the way. "

-Arne Moe

"So I had a Passion Styk show up at the house while I was down in Texas this weekend. Finally got a chance to put some arrows down range and do a quick test with the chronograph before work.

The bow was 55" and 52# @ 28".  It was extremely light in the hand as expected. The only other bow I have that is close to that length is my St Charles Pacific Yew Classic TD (56") so it took half a dozen arrows to get the feel of the bow. Then I shot 2 groups with 28" GT Traditionals with 175 gr points. Since the only time I would shoot a bow this short is hunting in a tight blind, I  figured it was appropriate to test it with hunting weight arrows. As you can see in the first 2 pictures, it shot well with no hand shock or stacking and was consistent at 18 yards. There was a slight twist in my hand on one or two shots because the throat of the grip was a bit small for me. Found out later that the bow originally had a rubber grip which would have worked better for me. The third pic is a comparison of grips: the Passion Styk, a Bearpaw Slick Stick, and a Bearpaw Quick Stick. The Passion Styk and the Slick Stick grips are very similar.  Since I have large hands, I generally prefer the noticeably larger grip on the QS to the right in the pic.
Finally, I had just enough time to put about a dozen arrows through the chronograph.  I wanted to test a few different spines and point weights, so the numbers are just a data point to start from, rather than anything scientific. The GT arrows were the lightest and best matched to the bow from a flight perspective, so it is no surprise that they performed best also. Was a bit surprised how close the numbers were for the other arrows. The 400s were clearly too stiff for the bow.


GT Traditional/500/28"/175gr/450gr/174 fps
Heavy Hunter/600/28"/145gr/504gr/159 fps
Heavy Hunter/500/28"/175gr/542gr/154 fps
Heavy Hunter/400/28"/200gr/588gr/153 fps
All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed shooting the bow. It is well made and clearly deserves consideration by someone seeking a short, lightweight, affordable R/D longbow for blind hunting. Since the bow is available in lengths of 54-60", I would probably go with a 56" or 58" version with a larger grip. Erik has a lot of pictures of the bow and additional information on his website. Take a look.  In the meantime, this bow is headed to New York for the next traditional archer to give it a try. "

-Robert Hahn

 I've been shooting the two bows for about a week (on and off) now. I like them both. The 56" model is smooth to draw and shoots well, too. I've never shot a bow that was that short and was skeptical about whether I'd like it. It shoots well and if I had a cleaner release It would shoot better. It's quiet, too. Erik made this one with a fairly small handle and my wife liked the feel of it.

The 58" version was very good, also. I think it's a very handsome bow. Erik put layers of maple, oak, and aromatic cedar in the riser and more cedar at the back of the handle, and the tips. Definitely a cool-looking bow. I live in Wisconsin and find this wood selection to be really nice; these species are growing in the woods by my house. The limbs are bamboo covered in lams of a kind of figured maple. It's a pretty selection. The leather grip looks very nice.

The grip is very well cut and I don't have to mess around with my hand position. The bow weighs 16.5 ounces and with my Eagles Nest quiver strapped on it looks and feels the way I like a bow. As far as performance goes, this bow is very good, like the smaller version has no hand shock. It shoots quiet and quick and as accurate as my Slick Stick. All in all I'd say that I like this bow a lot.  

-Stephen Connelly

I am new to traditional archery, I would say that I have been shooting traditionally about 6 months.  In that time I have only shot a couple longbows.  Both had horrible hand shock and I only shot a few arrows from each.  This bow, Passion Styk, 54" 51 lbs at 28", has not hand shock that I felt which in itself is 100% better than others.  The bow is very light.  It is easy to maneuver through the woods and the short height is great.  I watched other people shoot it and it has very nice appealing lines when drawn.  I shot approximately 150 arrows through it.  The arrows I shot were 500 spine carbon arrows cut to 30" with 125 grain tip and 3.4" parabolic feathers.  The range I shot ranged from 3 yards to 40 yards.  Some testing was with 3 shot groups.  I kept 3 inch groups often.  I kept the bow at a 7 inch brace height.  It was quiet and comfortable.  My only issue was that I have the feathers of one of my arrows rub very slightly by the knuckle of my index finger and that wasn't every time, so it was probably me.  A few other people shot it and everyone liked it and had similar things to say.  A friend of mine works as a bow tech for a local bow shop, he is not normally a traditional guy. He shot your bow and really liked it.  The first thing he said besides that he liked the bow a lot, was to ask if this bow was for sale as a production bow because he thinks he could really sell these bows.

Thank your for the opportunity to look at and shoot your bow.  It was a pleasure to shoot and very beautiful to look at.  You should be proud of the product that you have made.


Edward Miszczak

I was interested in one of Eriks bows because,,,,well,,,,,im a bow slut and im gona hunt turkey again after 15yr break so my ASL's dont fit in a blind well enough to utilize them to there full potential,,hence a shorter and handyer longbow
I told Erik i shoot wood arrows and id run his bow thru the gambit of traditional arrow woods
But first let me say for a 55" pistol grip longbow its very smooth and has great cast,even with heavy dence wood arrows,it was not finicky about arrows either
As long as they were in its spine range it got the job done,,very pointable and playing brace height for my draw,,(7" for 27" draw)its was quiet and an all around joy to shoot
I shot,,Parallel ceders,douglas fir,Nordic pine and Poplar arrows as well as breasted ceders,and tappered ceders all between 500,575grn in total weight fletched with 4-5" sheild and parabolics
Most ponited with 125grn field points,but also 145grns and 135grn broadheads with which i even went squirrel hunting and bagged a nice grey😎That was 20yrd shot with a Douglas Fir it liked with a Zwickey Eskimo
So to qoute a popular TV show,,"It will Keel"
It seemed to prefer 55# spined Douglas Firs 28" 125grn point 4" parabolic fletched at 535grn total weight
My personal opinion is Eriks doing great job and will only get better!
While i had the bow i loaned it to a friend who is a competition level compound shooter and hunter who ive been slowly corrupting into letting the training wheels go
Hes been dedicating himself with recurves and at the moment has no interest in ASL's(chicken shit)sooo,i figured this Passion would be a great bow for him to rate
Eddys top notch guy honest to a fault and born and bread Devil Dog,,ill include his write up in the pics and will say he enjoyed it and so did the guys at his club on 3d shoot night and there 90% compound shooters,,,yes im a unicorn up this way as far as a traditional shooter let alone a swing draw Hill style shooter
But that said i dont think you can get a higher praise then from a bunch of competition compound shooters who enjoyed a 55" 52#/28" longbow
Gota thank Eric for the loan of his personal bow and the paitents to let me really run it hard and wet thru just bout anything a stick an string will do,,,,,i still havent boxed her back up yet😈 

-Scott Jerard