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American Styk longbow (starting at $595)

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The American Styk (Photo Gallery below)

The American Styk is an Amercian Semi -Longbow (ASL) sometimes better known as a Hill-Style Bow. 

The ASL is a basic grassroots kind of bow. It may look like a petite whimsical piece of archery gear from yesteryear. Its looks fool you.  This bow commands you take hold of it and drive the arrow where you want it to go. Take hold of this bow and you take hold of a deep part of archery history.

The American Styk is a String Follow ASL.  It is available in lengths of 66" and 68". The grip can be done in a standard straight grip or a dished grip.  

You will find the American Styk to be incredibly forgiving, the arrow always seems to go where you are looking, even if conditions aren't perfect. It is also dead in the hand and very quiet.  All of these features make this bow an ideal hunting bow.

A standard American Styk will be made with colored glass  of your choice on the back and belly, a beautiful rosewood or bubinga riser and  4 layers of bamboo for the cores, giving it a silky smooth draw cycle. All American Styk's will come standard with a leather grip  and reinforced tips to allow for use of modern sting materials.  

Glass Colors available:

Black, Green, White, Carmel, Dark Brown, Red, & Gray

Riser wood options:

I stock many different woods and have access to just about anything you wish. 

***Some woods may add cost.

The American Styk starts at $595, but can be upgraded to clear glass with  beautiful veneers for an additional $150 (some exotic woods may add more cost)  Other upgrades available include, exotic wood species, phenolic added to risers,  etc. 

Other Options:

  • add carbon to limbs to gain a bit of speed $75
  • Extra string $18
  • Wooly Whisper String Silencers $7/pair

 ***To order your bow, click the Buy Now button and pay the deposit.  We will contact you prior to the start of the build to get your specifications.  We will send you a separate invoice for the balance due, which must be paid prior to shipment of your bow.